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Hi. I have Auticaria.Anyone else have it?.

I have Auticaria. The hives never go away they just shift to other parts of my body.
I have been for food allergy tests,lupus and blood tests. The dermatologist has now recommended that I go to Groote Schuur hospital for further testing.
Has anyone been through that process?
What do they test for?

edited, originally posted 14 days ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

If I understand your comment urticaria is a skin rash with red, rash, with raised itchy bumps, known as hives. In my case usually with angioedema… read more

posted 14 days ago
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I am not sure ifI have food allergies The thing is after I eat these foods I throw them up. Does that mean I am allergic to them?

posted 23 days ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

There could be other causes than food allergies. Like Gastroparesis. I recommend seeing an allergist and a GI doctor to try to figure out if the problem… read more

posted 19 days ago
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I have allergies started since 2015

Since 2O12 of March having constipation. After hsvubg blood un stool I had the endoscopy procedure I have chronic constipation,Acid reflux, respiratory problems started to Allergies 2015 to now milk, Avocado since childhood, water Mellon,cantalope, Almonds, tomatoes, most citrus stuff except lemond,spicy foods, but not curry I can do mild, my hair is dry and so is the scalp it it itches and burnd hates Argan oil, Shea Butter or Sweet Almond oil, it loves every other… read more

posted about 1 month ago
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Due to my severe allergies I generally have no sense of smell, does anyone else deal with this?

I was told to try wild Oregano tablets as supplements, sometimes this helps.
I've had 3 sinus surgeries which basically didn't work because the polyps grew back, there is only so much lining in our sinuses, so no more surgeries for me. I've tried literally every nose spray on the market, sinus douching. I find the salt rinses don't help, although one homeopathic rinse I tried a few years ago helped a little.
I literally… read more

posted about 1 month ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

Hi, thank you for your comment, I did live in a house that had black mold for 5 years, the NeilMed is a nasal rinse I tried with little success since it… read more

posted 30 days ago
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Is it normal to develop numerous allergies after a surgery? Does anyone else continuously develop more allergies?

I keep developing new food allergies. I’m keeping track and I’m on allergy #24 for food. I have 44 allerrgies total the rest aren’t food related. But, my issue is thaf I keep developing more. I have found that I will enjoy a food for a few weeks and then I’ll suddenly have a severe reaction to it. This is what happened with apples, broccoli, cauliflower, dairy, and a few others. I was able to eat all… read more

posted about 1 month ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

IGE is the same as immunoglobulin E correct? Because I was tested in 2016 and I was 455 and 2018 I am 396. But my allergy symptoms seem to be getting… read more

posted 16 days ago
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Allgeric to most things, having issues with becoming malnourished and low on vitamins

I am allergic to


had them do the test twice over this first one, all the same.
Explains why I was always sick, But now ic ant figure out meals, I can't enjoy food with my four children, can't eat out anywhere. so very limited
But now I'm suffering badly from
LOW potassium -LOW b everything-LOW calcium -LOW D -LOW A
Im not even sure what i should do… read more

posted about 1 month ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

Oh yea, it is almost impossible to eat out. Even food shopping is so hard. Thankfully Publix actually has some food I can eat but I am getting pretty… read more

posted 16 days ago
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Living in the Middle East with a sesame allergy

Has anyone out there ever lived in the Middle East with a severe sesame allergy?

posted 2 months ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

I haven't, but I could see where that would be a rough combo. I have peanut and tree nut allergies and I had an impossible time finding safe foods in… read more

posted 2 months ago
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Safe deoderant for Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies

My 9 year old (Peanut and tree nut allergies) started using natural deoderant (crystal brand) and has not had any problems, though we are now considering trying something a bit stronger and am worried about hidden ingredients that she may be allergic to. She did try Dove sensitive skin antipersperant/deoderant and she did say it stung her skin and could see some redness.

We welcome any suggestions. Thanks!

posted 2 months ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

Dr. Mist is hands down the best natural deodorant I have discovered. I don’t believe it contains any nuts or nut byproduct. No… read more

posted about 2 months ago
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Suffering with consistant Allergy

August last year I started having an allergy on my Lip took allergex and disappeared but from that day I have been get allergy reaction in my body it from all over my body and I don't pass a day without allergy reaction depend how serious the reaction is. I have track food,changed toiletries,not wearing make up anymore I watch what I wear I'm try keeping my sanitised I choose chemicals I'm using I have tried everything and from the life style I'm living it not easy to cope with… read more

posted 3 months ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

Having a reaction constantly is rough. I can only recommend going as basic as possible on your diet and avoiding makeup and perfume. Hopefully, a diet… read more

posted about 1 month ago
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