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Does anyone know of a Probiotic that is corn and gluten free?

I am a corn free girl. I avoid all corn and corn derivatives due to severe allergies. I also avoid gluten. Looking for a Probiotic that is both corn and gluten free......any suggestions? Thanks

posted 3 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

We’ve just started using this one. Too early to comment from personal experience but came highly recommend.

posted 3 days ago
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How to better handle allergies

I am having a hard time handling my allergy. Partly because it's rare and people don't think about what it means and partly because alcohol is EVERYWHERE. I have been trying to be better about always telling waiters that their needs to be no alcohol in my food because I am allergic but i still get ignored alot because they believe the "alcohol cooks off" myth. But even if i manage to avoid it in food I often walk into a bathroom and someone has gone crazy spraying deodorant/perfume… read more

posted 6 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

my family have a complex list of different allergies. we eat plain simple foods when out. food that is plain and no sauces.

posted 4 days ago
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Test results meaning?


I have long suspected a milk allergy as I itch all over as soon as I eat anything dairy, have heart palpitations and have long had unexplained joint pain. I just had testing done but I'm not sure what the result means? Milk, with a reference range of "Reference Range: Class 0/I kU/L" came back as "high" with 0.13. But when I try to research this online, anything below 0.35 appears to be normal?

Can someone please help me interpret this? Oddly I also got high for shrimp (2.37)with a… read more

posted 9 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

why do you think its milk? have you ruled out celiac? and the testing? are these blood tests? for ige? if for igg I would ignore as they are unreliable.… read more

posted 4 days ago
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Corn and maize allergy

What do you guys know about corn and maize allergy. Struggeling with it for 15 years now.

posted 14 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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What is involved in the 300 intolerance test and what is it called?

posted 21 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

Hello Annamarie. Its confusing, because past tests showed positive to nuts, shellfish, aspartame, lentils etc now nothing? I've carried epic pens for… read more

posted 19 days ago
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Where to get a safe manicure

I'd like to get a set of acrylics to pamper myself, but I am deathly allergic to nuts. I know nail salons tend to use almond oils. Do you know if there is a such thing as an allergy-friendly nail salon?

posted 30 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

You would probably need to research a way to get a manicure that didn't use almond oil and then call your local salons to see if they use that process.

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posted 26 days ago
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How to gain weight???

I’m currently around 90 pounds and I find it so difficult to gain weight. I’m allergic to gluten, dairy, nuts, high fructose corn syrup, soy, apples, bananas, cauliflower, soybeans, shrimp, scallops, and sesame seeds. (I think thats all of them) Has anyone ran into a similar situation? I was wanting to go to a nutritionist, but insurance will not cover it for allergies. They’ll only cover it if I’m overweight.

posted about 1 month ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

Paleo diet...lots of healthy fats, and protein.

posted 6 days ago
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Where can I find cooking classes for Special Diets in Portland, OR area?

I am looking for cooking classes for "Special Diets" I am a cook at Outdoor School. I am looking to expand my options for the students and staff. In particular Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Soy Free.
Any suggestions would be very helpful. I have the Summer to work on this.

posted about 2 months ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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Informing Wait Staff and Food Service People Regarding Food Allergies

When I go out to restaurants, the first thing I do before I order is inform the server that I have allergies to Gluten and Dairy; even if the restaurant didn't have a dedicated menu, which a lot don't, I can always scan the menu for stuff I can eat and ask for modifications if necessary. When I was out to eat with my fiance tonight, we went to a diner we usually go to once a year when we are in that locale, I tried to inform my server about my… read more

posted about 2 months ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

So, I meant to let everyone know that the issue was finally resolved. I got in touch with the owner and he apologized and said that they do take food… read more

posted 18 days ago
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