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Anyone here with chickpea, lentil and pea allergy

My daughter has anaphylaxis reaction to chickpeas, lentils and peas. We are struggling with gram ( chick pea flour) and pea and lentil protein being substituted for wheat in effort to address gluten allergies. She reacts even if these foods have been prepared in same environment as other food. Ie cooked in same oil in restaurants. She has developed major anxiety about food following 2 anaphylactic attacks recently.

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posted 8 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

Kid friendly protein powder

Looking for a kid friendly protein powder with no wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, sesame or peanuts

posted 10 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

Have you tried hemp hearts?

posted 1 day ago

Travelling on Emirates to Maldives with Severe Milk, Nuts, Sesame and Egg allergies

We have been on holiday, but later on this year we are going to the Maldives. Would be great to read any advice that you think would help us on our journey! 3 girls with severe allergies and myself. We're flying Emirates to Dubai then Dubai on to Male. We chose a resort that didn't serve buffet style food as that would not be helpful for our allergies. We felt we couldn't compromise on the food in a resort. Many thanks Sarah x

posted 20 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

Traveling with nut allergy

Has anyone been to either the Bahamas, Jamaica or Turks and Caicos and have a severe nut allergy? I would like to plan a vacation and need recommendations on where it would be safe to stay and eat. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you

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edited, originally posted 23 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

I want to know what is egg free Diet mean because I am on it

Reason I ask because I am Allergic to eggs.

tags: Egg-free

posted 27 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

I’m not personally allergic to eggs, but I have a friend who is. She cannot consume eggs or anything processed or made up of eggs. I went shopping with… read more

posted 24 days ago

Introducing Peanuts

Our pediatrician wants me to introduce my 5 month old to peanuts. She said that they have been informed from the Medical Board with scientific studies that actually introducing known food allergens to a baby earlier in life while their immune system is still developing has shown to greatly reduce the chances of developing that particular allergy since their bodies learn that it's "normal" and not something foreign. I'm all for this because she showed me the information and it does make sense.… read more

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posted 27 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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I am not sure about peanut allergy but my daughter was diagnosed with soy allergy at 1 month. she was born 3 weeks early. my husband and several family… read more

posted 16 days ago

I have developed hives - chronic and have had since december

i ma currently on a waiting list to see a specialist and receive a diagnosis - i have tried alsorts of elimination plans etc and not found the cause - not overly stresses - good diet - healthy and go to the gym - i initially wondered about it being the gym as i started only in december - but had time away and ruled this out - i am now wondering if it could be the bottled water..... but are any of these: Volvic Natural Mineral Water (99.8%), Acid (Citric… read more

posted about 1 month ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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It sounds a lot like what I experience- mine started last year and I would experience hives and facial swelling. I had never before had a food allergy.

read more
posted 14 days ago

Are this allergy related?

Has anyone had this or know if they really caused by food allergies? We avoid everything my son is allergic to. But the past year has been hectic with multiple admissions intp the hospital due to severe abdominal pains and this is wat they found when the colonoscopy was done. We dont have a definite diagnosis seems more like Crohns but the gastroenterologist thinks its related to his food allergies. Pls see pic below. Thanks

posted about 1 month ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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Not sure what that is (picture above with the bumps). but I do know some how my gastro. Dr knew I had allergies by looking at my guts too.

posted about 1 month ago

Does anyone get light-headed as a symptom?

I’ve had itchy mouth, wheezing, instant diarrhea when eating strawberries, although blood testing was negative. Today an apple made me feel light-headed, and “just not right.” My husband thinks it’s just anxiety (maybe it is). Is anyone else affected this way?

tags: Light-headed as a symtom

posted about 2 months ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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I definitely have problems with being light headed with allergic reactions (although it is usually one of my reactions to inhaling my airborne triggered… read more

posted about 1 month ago

How and what steps did y’all start with to R/O other illnesses

How and what steps did y’all start to realize your illness was nothing but a food allergy presenting as another illness. For the past 6:7 years my team of doctors taught it was all GI related

posted about 2 months ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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At first I had only atopic eczema and everything would be the cause ofthe eczema. Than I got diabetus type 2 and that would be the cause of everything.… read more

posted about 2 months ago
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