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Dealing with unusual/rare allergies?

My son was diagnosed with a white potato and tomato allergy a year ago and after a reaction we cut bell peppers then all nightshades. We just did a full round of testing and added to our list. He's 2 and had digestive problems and the skin/itching reactions to the nightshades. Most everything is easy to avoid but the potato. I keep finding more and more things that are derived or filled with potato but I can never get a complete list. It's even harder with… read more

posted 1 day ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

Does anyone else out there have a Cane Sugar allergy?

I would like to see if anyone else out in the world has a cane sugar allergy. No one believes me when I tell them I have an allergy to refined and cane sugar so it would be nice to meet someone else and share information!!

tags: #uniqueallergies

posted 4 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

Anyone else have a citrus fruit allergy? Looking for someone who shares this as I feel like I'm the only one!,

For so long I have been searching for a allergy sufferer of citrus just like myself. Find shopping for food ridiculously hard as most things contain concentrated lemon juice etc. Would just like a friend who understands how much of a pain it is!

posted 10 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

I am not allergic to all citrus fruit. However, they tend to cause oral symptoms if I eat them raw. I suspect a pollen allergy. I am allergic to Corn… read more

posted 6 days ago

What is the most useful website you have found for one or more of your Food Allergies?

Please provide website information and links to places you have found useful information in dealing with one or more of your food allergies. I have found the best luck in separating out my food allergies when researching help with dealing with them and/or how to avoid them.

Here is the best Corn website I know:

If you look on the left side there are links to a lot of other… read more

tags: #CornAllergy

posted 13 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

Good question. If on the 10th I am truly allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and coconut I'll try it. I will try searching for dairy and soy before hand… read more

posted 13 days ago

What can be substituted for peanut butter in recipes. I cannot use any nut or seed butters. Or any dairy product.

Peanut butter seems to be in many recipes from squares, cookies and cakes. In many recipes it does not look like it could be omitted.

tags: Peanut butter

posted 15 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User

What are the best allergy-friendly foods to bring to a picnic?

tags: allergy-friendly

posted 15 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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I always brought safe foods with us. It really depends on the allergy. Corn allergies are the most difficult because it is in so many foods. Then… read more

posted 13 days ago

what should i bring to my appointment

I have a appointment with the allergist thurs the 10th

should i bring my log my primary made me make although i am staying away from those things she said to?

any advice on what i need to ask or bring would be awesome

posted 17 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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And I was prescribed an epi pen

posted 13 days ago

Did you know about CORN VINEGAR? - the sneaky ingredient hidden under the label as ordinary "vinegar"

So, a couple of weeks ago on Facebook, I posted about "being killed by ketchup". That post was because I had bought a Simple Truth Organic Ketchup from Kroger and based on the ingredient label and the full overall label, I should have had zero trouble with the ketchup. But... the first time I used it, I had a severe reaction similar to when I am exposed to corn. I also had another product that I hadn't bought before… read more

tags: corn allergy corn vinegar corn vinegar ketchup Simple Truth Organic Kroger

posted 18 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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I was aware of the Corn problem in Vinegar. Sigh. It is in so many things. Here is a link to a good starter Corn list.

read more

posted 13 days ago

Baby severely allergic to dairy

My son is 91/2 months old and is severely allergic to dairy. He cannot consume anything with dairy. He has an epi pen as well. If milk touches him ( yogurt, milk, etc ) touches him he breaks out I hives. The other day he put a friends toy in his mouth and got hives all over his mouth! I'm suppose to go back to work shortly. My question is. How do you cope with this? How does daycare handle these situations if he can't even touch toys that have been in contact with dairy! It's not… read more

posted 23 days ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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I am sorry, but I doubt you will be able to find a safe daycare. You probably do have the three difficult expensive options 1) Have one parent stay home… read more

posted 20 days ago

Anyone's baby had reactions to vaccinations?

My baby boy has had bad reactions every time he has had his immunisations. This time round (16 weeks) he has basically cried for 2 days squirming and arching his back a lot, needed to be cuddled and nursed due to stomach pain. I've been reading and have found that most vaccines contain egg and some contain lactose. He is allergic to dairy so possibly a reason he reacted so bad if that was in the vaccines given but also thinking he could have reacted to egg? We are… read more

tags: Vaccines

posted about 1 month ago by A MyFoodAllergyTeam User
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