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There is no cure for food allergies. Avoidance of allergenic foods is the safest and surest way to avoid experiencing an allergic reaction.

What does it involve?
When grocery shopping, carefully read all food product labels to check for allergens. Avoid buying food products without labels.

When dining out, consider calling the restaurant in advance to ask about allergens and plan what dishes to order. Avoid ordering desserts, which carry a higher risk of allergen traces.

For children with food allergies, discuss allergen avoidance with teachers, the school cafeteria, and caregivers. Work to create plans that allow the child to participate safely in meals and social activities.

Before traveling, make plans to accommodate food allergies. Consider packing food, shipping food ahead, or sourcing safe food at the destination in advance.

Intended Outcomes
Completely avoiding food allergens greatly reduces the risk of experiencing an allergic response.

Avoidance is widely accepted as the only sure way to prevent a reaction to an allergenic food.

It can be time-consuming to read product labels, plan ahead for travels, and work with schools and workplaces to ensure that all food allergens can be avoided.

It can be expensive to buy alternative products to avoid food allergens.

It can be frustrating to limit dining out and food choices during parties and other social engagements.

It can be embarrassing to ask frequently about ingredients at restaurants and social settings involving food.


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