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Due To My Severe Allergies I Generally Have No Sense Of Smell, Does Anyone Else Deal With This?
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member asked a question 💭

I was told to try wild Oregano tablets as supplements, sometimes this helps
I've had 3 sinus surgeries which basically didn't work because the polyps grew back, there is only so much lining in our sinuses, so no more surgeries for me. I've tried literally every nose spray on the market, sinus douching. I find the salt rinses don't help, although one homeopathic rinse I tried a few years ago helped a little
I literally feel like I've tried everything... although I'm always open to suggestions!… read more

posted October 15, 2018
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A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member

Hi, thank you for your comment, I did live in a house that had black mold for 5 years, the NeilMed is a nasal rinse I tried with little success since it is salt based. Taking Singular and Zyrtec daily help, as do the essential oils. At least I can breathe through my nose, I wasn't able to do that for years! I think the Oregano oil capsules help prevent constant sinus infections which I also had several times for many years. This year I literally only had 1! I was so thrilled. Simple things!

posted October 17, 2018
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member

I lost most of my sense of smell but have not heard of anything to help that. Have you heard of Wilson’s solution for your sinuses? Mayo Clinic in ROCHESTER prescribes this for me and it is a wonder! My sinus issues appear to be the result of a mold allergy.

posted October 17, 2018

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