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What Can Be Done To Make Schools Take Allergies More Seriously?

What Can Be Done To Make Schools Take Allergies More Seriously?

My daughter already did a presentation at school about her allergies two years ago, but many kids and now some teachers are ignoring and even belittling them. And now she heard that some kids don't believe they are real and she is afraid they might try to expose her to see what happens. She is airborne to nuts and peanuts and has had to leave several events this year because people brought them. The school then chose a class trip to a baseball park… read more

A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

Ask your allergy doctor to provide a letter to all in charge bodies in school stating air borne allergy and what you want assessed and changed.

posted over 1 year ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

I would request an inservice/presentation be made by the school/public health nurse in regards to food allergies to school staff. This is not an area to be taken lightly. I would want to be assured that her school health file includes the results of food allergy or any allergy testing results.

posted over 1 year ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

A friend of mine gave up completely on public/private schools and just homeschooled her son (he shares your daughter's allergy in intensity and reactions). She straight out does not trust that the school district will keep her child safe. He can still participate in extracurricular activities if he chooses to. And their program has a socialization list of children his age in the area.

posted 10 months ago
A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

I understand her dilemma. I live with those allergies and even more that are airborne. Like fish and eggs. Raising awareness is a good thing. Raising awareness for yourself is not the best approach. Maybe it is just how this is written that is sounds like it's self motivated.

It is odd for a school to have an event serving peanuts. Oh my Lord....pretty much unheard of but theres always a few.

I grew up being responsible for my allergies. My Mom made it heard if she was around when food was served. In general, I was responsible for my allergies. It was a different time. Hardly anyone knew anything about allergies. So it was a tough go.

The reality is you must be responsible for your own illness. You must take care of yourself. No one understands your situation better than you...or your Mom. Eventually you will be in a much bigger school, a position in a company, out on vacation....

I know I don't know the whole story from just a paragraph. I know it is hard to live with. Truly I do. I am 60. I lived the majority of my life with NO support. So I get it. Honest. I have found delivery is important. People are fascinated this can really happen. Delivery is important. I try my best to take out any "I, me, myself" etc out of the stories. It really makes a difference. People get hung up on the fact it's about you. Not all, but most. So when you are talking to a crowd, you will lose them. I choose to educate. I choose to find the route that will have the most listeners and in turn maybe believers. See how saying "I" can lose you? Simply changed to 'choose to educate' and 'choose to find a route...' What a difference.

Possibly your daughter could partner with someone who has information on another life threatening disease? Such as diabetes for example. There are a few diseases out there. I know we want to think no one has it as bad as we do, but there are others. I think if she could treat this as awareness and able to identify when people are in health stress, it could go a further in helping herself and others.

Another suggestion is having someone from Red Cross First Aid or your local provider.... come in and couple it with a few people in the same position. It can really help people with these life threatening issues. They can 'confirm' it's for real.

I am extremely fortunate in that I have friends around me that are enormously committed to ensuring my safety. When it is not my friends, I do not expect them to change their menu due to my situation. I will ask what they are serving, they can decide if they want to change it. I beg them not to make changes for ME. I mean what if I don't show up? What if I still won't eat because my spidey senses tell me not to? Will you be offended by that? If so, please! do not change your menu and expect I will simply be comfortable. It is a big undertaking to have me comfortable for a meal. I realize that. Changing your menu means I can simply attend.

I hope this has helped.

posted almost 2 years ago
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