Elimination Diet and Food Allergy

Posted on March 14, 2018

An elimination diet is when you remove a wide number of foods from your diet and then slowly reintroduce them. The purpose of it is to identify not just food allergies, but also sensitivities and intolerances. Doing an elimination diet is a slow, careful process. For some, an elimination diet can be very helpful, because it enables them to see for sure what foods cause reactions and symptoms.

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Here are some threads about elimination diets:

Everything I've discovered that I'm allergic to has been a process of elimination.

You definitely have to become a detective and observe your body for the slightest symptoms...

My list of what I'm allergic to keeps growing each week...

It’s very boring eating the same food all the time but it works for me.

It feels like I have 100 allergens to foods, chemicals, etc.

A nutrition course I'm taking reminded me of just how restricted I am with my elimination diet.

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I had such violent headaches, brain fog and fatigue due to numerous food intolerances. I had more than 120 foods that I am intolerant to and had to go… read more

posted 5 months ago

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