News You Can Use: CVS Launches Low Price Epinephrine Auto-Injector

Posted on January 26, 2017

CVS Pharmacy is bringing affordable epinephrine injectors to people with food allergies. The stores will now feature a generic at 80% less than EpiPen brand.

When it comes to being armed against life-threatening food allergies many people depend on epinephrine as part of their emergency care plan. Individuals and families living with food allergies who struggle to afford epinephrine have had few options when shopping around, but that's beginning to change. CVS Pharmacy announced last week that their retail stores will now offer a generic epinephrine auto-injector. They will sell the prescriptions in a two-pack for a cash price of $109.99.

Epinephrine auto-injectors have been in the news over the past year. Mylan's EpiPen auto-injector climbed 500% in price since 2007, according to CBS Boston. Epinephrine is a prescription drug administered during anaphylactic shock in response to an allergen. FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) recommends those with severe allergies carry two auto-injectors at all times, keep them at room temperature, and always pay attention to the expiration date.

Read the full announcement from CVS here

A MyFoodAllergyTeam Member said:

Deathly allergic to sulfites, so this still doesn't help those of us with a sulfite allergy.

posted over 2 years ago


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